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Everyone knows me as Jason. Most people call me Jay. My closest friends call me Jase. Oddly enough, not only are there a lot of Jason Kim's out there in this world to begin with, there are quite a few Jason Kim's out there who happen to be photographers as well (thanks mom and dad!). So from that, comes "jase kim photography." You can call me whatever you're most comfortable with.

I come from both a creative writing and photography background. It was only natural and a matter of time when my art would evolve into the world of weddings, blending fine art photography with all the creative possibilities weddings and engagement sessions entail (as they should!).

I was fortunate to enter the world of wedding photography a couple of years ago with a very successful and popular studio at a time when the industry was dramatically changing. Over the years, I've honed my skills with the hundreds of weddings that I've captured. But the sheer amount of weddings I was shooting for the studio became too much eventually. Not only was I physically and creatively drained from shooting (as many weddings as eight or nine in one month and I don't know how many engagement sessions) I was missing out on one of my favorite aspects of wedding photography - getting to actually, really, seriously know my clients.

Success for an artist isn't usually about the bottom dollar. Success for me as an artist is to continuously improve my craft while molding my vision to reflect my life's always changing perspective (while trying to maintain a living, let's be realistic). That is why I ultimately left the studio to pursue my own vision, my own voice.

It's much more rewarding at the end of the year, to look back upon it and remember all the moments I was privileged to witness, all the new friends I made and the interesting lives I worked with, not the amount of weddings and engagements I did. My goal is to serve each and every client as individually as I can. What may be a "normal day in the office" for me, just so happens to be the most important day of your life up to this point, and quite possibly the one day you've been dreaming about since you were five years old. And I think you deserve the full attention and energy of your photographer.

I always stop and take a minute whenever couples display old family wedding photos at their reception. It humbles me. It reminds me of my duty, my role. The people in the photos and the photographer may no longer be with us, but the photos and memories still remain. And I accept that responsibility, to document your day and capture its truest emotions. Because twenty five years from now, your photos will be up on display. And twenty five years after that. And I want your kids and grandkids to see how beautiful you looked on your beloved day.

If you want to talk more about this, or if you're interested in my services, I'm always game to discuss. Shoot me an email at jase@jasekim.com and feel free to look around my site and my blog.

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